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Language Arts:  Fifth grade builds literacy through comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.  Daily practice gives students opportunities to practice and develop reading skills.  Materials and strategies are used to help meet students' needs and allow them to build a love for reading by working on their instructional level.  Our goal is to get students working independently and using critical thinking skills that will enable them grow and thrive as readers.


Math: In fifth grade we focus on applying Math to real life.  We build skills and problem-solving strategies through daily practice and relate these skills to everyday life situations.  Whether students are working in groups, with partners, or independently, they are building skills that will help them be successful for years to come. 


Science:  We love Science and because we love Science, we have fun as we learn.  We do labs weekly and integrate reading by using picture books to supplement the lessons and support the concepts being learned.  In fifth grade we study Physical, Earth, and Life Science.  Scientific tools and the Scientific Process is embedded in all the Sciences.  All fifth graders also participate in the Science Fair which is held in January on Math and Science Night.