August 8, 2020

School History

The original location of the McGill School was about seven miles west of San Angelo, and one-half mile north of the Mertzon Highway. The school district was created on June 11, 1889, and was designated the Twin Mountain Farm District #9.

The school was named for A.A. McGill, pioneer Tom Green County rancher, because of the fact that he, with the assistance of a neighbor, W.A. Riggs, built the first school in the district. The building was situated about three quarters of a mile east of the McGill homestead. Mr. McGill furnished the land and financed the 14 X 20 foot classroom, while Mr. Riggs superintended the construction.

In the fall of 1903, the school opened with 10 pupils.
The school building was used for monthly church services, Sunday School being held each Sunday afternoon. The building was also used for the occasional school programs in the evenings, and for the annual Christmas tree observance.

After the school was discontinued in 1920, pupils were transported to San Angelo by bus. The children were taken to several of the San Angelo schools as well as to Lakeview.

In 1939 construction was begun on the present McGill School to provide for a growing need for school facilities in the district. The building was located about a mile outside of San Angelo's western city limits.

On January 1, 1940, the completed McGill structure was ready. There were six classrooms, two of which might be converted into an auditorium, an office for the principal, a kitchen, sanitary facilities, and a basement room in which the heating plant was located. The building had all modern features: electric lights, central heating, washrooms and indoor drinking fountains, weather-stripped windows, and wall outlets for radio-phonographs.

The McGill School District was annexed to the San Angelo Independent School District in April, 1950, by petition of the qualified voters.  In March, 1953, the block of land in front of McGill was purchased for a playground.  In the spring of 1955, work began on a new wing of seven classrooms and a cafeteria.  These two structures were ready for use when school opened in September of 1955.

Over the years, McGill has grown with the city of San Angelo and additional classroom space and innovative programs have been added to better prepare its students for the demands of a modern world.  The campus now has 27 classrooms, computer lab, and extensive library, adminstrative offices, and serves over 300 students.

Principals of McGill Elementary School 

 Mr. Claude Shannon   1939 - 1941
 Mrs. Dorilla Worden Fitzgerald  1941 - 1942
 Ms. Evelyn Phillips  1942 - 1964
 Mr. Audrey Parr  1964 - 1971
 Mr. Loren Reynolds  1971 - 1977
 Mrs. Eloise Amos  1977 - 1991
 Mrs. Janet Rodriguez  1991 - 1998
 Mrs. Connie Williams  1998 - 2011
 Mrs. Rikke Black 2011 - 2015
 Mr. Michael Kalnbach

 2015 - 2016

Dr. John Rueter

2016 to present