June 22, 2018

School History

Glenmore School was established in the early 1930's on land purchased from Charles and Margie Metcalfe. According to documents in the West Texas Archives located at Angelo State University, two teachers taught seven grades in the new brick building in 1931-32. There were two school rooms which could be made into one on the east side. On the west side there was one classroom, restrooms, and there were three teachers and eight grades. In 1940, a fourth teacher was added. There were two rooms added in 1946 and another two in 1949. In 1950, six rooms and a cafeteria were built. In 1964 the current fifth/sixth grade building was added. Glenmore today has over 400 students and has the most talented teachers San Angelo has to offer.

The Old Glenmore!!!

SchoolCenter Picture

The New Glenmore!!!

SchoolCenter Picture