August 30, 2014

    Welcome to our Amazing School! 

Bonham Rattlers are AWESOME!!

Shelly Huddleston 

 Vickie Engel 

Instructional Coach

Julie Mayfield

Office Staff
Lucy Brown  Kathleen Bejarano


If you have not registered your child for school, you may come after 8:30 am on Monday, August 25th when our first day of classes begin.

You will need to bring:

Birth Certificate

Proof of Residence (house contract, utility bill w/ physical address)

Immunization records

Social Security Card


**We will not be accepting registrations on Friday, August 22nd**


Meet the Teacher will be on Friday, August 22nd from 11:30-12:30.


Parents--Don't forget to update your VIPS status. This must be done every year in order for you to participate in on campus events or chaperoning field trips. Go to and click on the link for parent volunteers. We love our parent & family volunteers and want you to be a part of our great campus, so please sign up now. Thanks!


Cafeteria Announcement! 

August 25 - September 5, please do not plan to eat with your student.  We will be teaching and practicing procedures and need that time to help our school year start smoothly.  We welcome you to eat with your child beginning September 8.



It is of upmost importance to us that we provide a safe environment and teach our students responsibility and independence. Therefore, we want to remind you of a few things:

*Changes in Transportation:- We do not receive phone calls in the office to change same day afternoon transportation plans for students except in cases of emergency. 

Before School- We ask that parents do not walk their students into any buildings in the mornings before school except the cafeteria or gym. Students need to exert their independence walking themselves to class and safety requires we not have other people in the buildings.

Lunches and Homework- If your child forgets his or her lunch at home they will be provided a lunch in the cafeteria. If they do not have money if their account, they may charge. The office staff cannot be responsible for trying to deliver multiple lunches to students. If you want to bring a lunch you are welcome to stay and eat with them. Forgotten homework is also a good learning experience. Teachers will not allow students to call home to retrieve homework, but students will be given the opportunity to make up work.

Lunch Tips- Thank you to all of the parents who are checking in at the front office for lunch. Remember it is required for you to have a photo id. Please do not park in the fire lane. There is plenty of visitor parking in the front lot. Also- we ask that no parents go out to the playground area after lunch. One of our staff will walk them to meet their class or playground after lunch.

Thanks so much!!



We love parent involvement and want positive adults to be able to interact with our students. Please know that ANY adult who wants to chaperon field trips, attend class parties,  or have any other campus access, must be an approved VIP (volunteer in Public Schools). This applies to parents, grandparents, etc. In order to be certified as a VIP, go to the SAISD website and complete and application. This application inlcudes a criminal background check and applicant must be at least 18 years of age.

Note: You must reapply every year, so even if you were an approved VIP last year, you have to go in a reactivate your account. Taking care of this early will keep you from trying to do this at the last minute. Thank you for your positive partnership with us!



Student Medication

By law parents must come to the office to sign a Request to Supervise Medicine at School form if a student needs to take medication at school.  Please do not send medication to school with your child.  Parents are required to bring in ANY medication to the office.  This includes all prescription drugs and over the counter drugs, including cough drops.

All medication must be in its original container and properly labeled.  For over the counter medicine, we must follow the label directions.  Be sure to check the age and/or weight requirements for all medication.

These policies are in place to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all of our students.


 Please remember to have your student(s) on campus

by 7:40am. 

All classes begin the day with a warm up activity to get them thinking for the day.  We want all kids ready to learn at 7:45.  Also, please refrain from picking them up early from school unless there is a compelling reason (medical appt. etc.)

We make every minute count in every classroom.  We appreciate your support in having kids at school on time, all the time, learning and having fun!


Morning & Afternoon Traffic

Our #1 goal is to make sure all of our students and staff are safe as you drop off and pick up children.

We do our best to keep traffic flowing smoothly during afternoon pickup time.  We have been clearing our campus on most days by 3:00pm.  

Please be patient!! We ask that you do not cut in line, but if someone does, don't allow that to anger you. We cannot police all of the cars, so we need your help by ignoring those who do not do as we ask and working with us as we direct traffic. 

Also, please allow day care vans and school buses the right of way when entering the parking lots.  These buses need to get to other campuses, so we do our best to get them loaded and on their way.

For traffic to flow smoothly, please do not park on the street and walk over to pick up your child.  If you park, please park in the designated parking lot. 

Again, our main goal is to keep students safe.  If everyone will follow our traffic procedures, we can clear our campus quickly and safely.


 Home Access Center (HAC)

HAC is now available to parents/guardians to monitor student grades. .

If you have an account and have forgotten your password, you may contact the school for assistance. 



Bonham is a NO BULLYING School!

Each year we continue to educate our students about bullying.  We often recieve calls from parents who feel thier child is being bullied due to name calling, minor physical issues, etc.  Most of these behaviors, especially for our younger students, are normal social behaviors.  Kids are learning to get along, share, and play among a large group of kids.  Our staff continually works to correct these behaviors through various teaching strategies, consequences, and rewards.  When students tell adults about these behaviors, in most cases, it is not a bullying situation. Usually the students work things out with little teacher intervention and all is good.  But....

We have posted the following in all classrooms:


when someone with greater power

unfairly hurts someone

with less power

over and over again.

We hope you will help us make our school a NO BULLY school by discussing this definition with your child/children.  If a child is being bullied, you will often see the following warning signs:  a drop in grades, loss of interest in activities such as sports, clubs, etc., withdrawn body language, frequent complaints about heath, sudden mood changes, and these are just a few.  In most cases, children who are being bullied don't tell due to fear.  So, if you see major changes in your child's behavior please take action by talking to them, calling the school, talking to coaches, and any other people your child may spend time with.  Sudden major behavior changes may be your child's way of asking for help. 


Bell Schedule


Students will be released at 7:35 to go to class from the gym and cafeteria.

First bell will ring at 7:40 - all students should be on campus.

Tardy bell will ring at 7:45. 

All K - 1st may go to the cafeteria from 7:15 to 7:35

Drop off for K and 1st is the front circle by the flag pole.

All 2nd - 5th may go to the gym from 7:15 to 7:35

Drop off 2nd and 3rd at back circle.

Drop off 4th and 5th in alley.



2:50 Release time for all classes.

K and 1st - Front Circle

2nd and 3rd - Back Circle

4th and 5th - Alley

If you have more than one child, they will be at the youngest child's pickup area.


Bonham Breakfast For Champions

 Breakfast will be served to all students at NO charge in their classroom from 7:40 to 7:55.

Students are not allowed to bring breakfast from home or a restaurant due to grant requirements. 

Please have your kids here by 7:40 if you want them to eat breakfast.

Students who arrive to school after 7:50 will not be able to have breakfast. Class will begin at 8:00, so all breakfast items will be cleared away at 7:55. 


Traffic Procedures

Pull up as far as possible in the circles and alley so we can unload and load more students.  Please stay to the left on Southland, and also stay in line. 

Drop off and pick up on the curb, not on the driver's side of the car.  Students will not be allowed to cross traffic.

Please turn right out of the circles. Turning left holds up the entire line.

***Please do not enter staff parking lots located on the west side of the campus and behind the portables.  It is not safe to drop off students in these areas.  We also need the parking space for staff.


Visitor parking is in the front parking lot on Southland. 

Our school has very little parking, so we ask that in the mornings and afternoons you use our circles and alley to drop off and pick up students. 

If you leave your car in one of the circles or the alley you can be ticketed by the police due to the firelane and the city no parking zone in the alley.  The alley is also one way.

At the end of the day, we know many parents of our kindergarten and first grade students like to park and meet thier child/children in the front circle.  Having a crowd of parents in front of the school makes it difficult for teachers to monitor their students.  Please get in the habit of pulling through the circle to pick up your child/children. 

If you do get out of your car, please wait behind the cones or in the courtyard. 

These procedures are for the safety of all students.  We need to monitor our students closely, and these procedures help us to do that.  If all parents will follow these procedures, we will have fewer tardies in the mornings and we can clear our campus in 10 minutes or less every afternoon.  Please use our traffic circles and alley to drop off and pick up your child/children.

THANK YOU for your cooperation!


Campus Visitors

All visitors must check in at the office.  A photo ID is required.  You will be given a visitor pass once you check in. No one is allowed in any building without a visitor's pass.

 If you want to have lunch with your child you need to check in at the office and then wait for your child in the cafeteria.  Please make contact with the teacher so she is aware you are on campus.  Parents may eat with their child on the stage at the visitor table, or outside at a picnic table. 

 If you have an appointment with staff, please let our office staff know so they can direct you to the appropriate place.