August 16, 2017
We Are Fannin!!
Our wonderful secretaries Mrs. Althaus and Ms. Saucedo! You are the BEST!!!
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Pride Rally Fun!!
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SchoolCenter Picture
Representing Fannin at the 2017 Rodeo, Ms. Reagan Osborn from Ms. Banister's Pre-K class
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Dear Parents/Guardians,

Over the past few weeks we have been talking about things we love to do and how we can do these things as adults in our jobs and careers. The students participated in a survey that we will use to guide our job/career learning opportunities. The number one career desired by the students at Fannin is a professional athlete! While I’m sure we have some very talented students who could make it to the NFL draft, we will be discussing the importance of having an open mind and an alternate plan if our dream of becoming a professional athlete doesn’t work out.

We will also explore what having an open mind means in other areas. Having an open mind helps us treat each other fairly and with respect. Open-mindedness prevents judgment and discrimination. Many of us don’t realize how quickly we form judgments about others. We have to be very careful to really get to know others before making decisions about them. Encourage your child to be open-minded with others.

Fun Family Tip:

For a quick lesson in open-mindedness, try this at dinner one night: Tell your family that dinner will be a food that you like, but one that your children do not like. Tell your family that from now on, you will be having this food for dinner because it is your favorite. Explain that if you like it, everyone else has to like it too. Of course, you will hear many complaints of how unfair this is! After a few minutes, tell everyone that this is a joke, and a little lesson in open-mindedness. Even though you love this food, you are open-minded and understand that not everyone else loves it or would want to eat it every day!

Thanks, and have a great week!

Ms. Morrison