August 20, 2017

Welcome Back! 

First Day of School, Thursday, Aug. 17th

Report to 1st period listed on schedule received during Orientation. 

If you did not attend orientation, find an administrator around campus 

to find out your first period teacher and room number.  

First Bell 7:40

1st period 7:50-8:40

2nd period 8:48-9:38

3rd period 9:46-10:41

4th period 10:49-11:39

5th period 11:47-12:37

Tutorials 12:37-1:04

Lunch 1:04-1:34

6th period 1:42-2:32

7th period 2:40-3:30

The Central High Graduation Ceremony recording

is available here!

Click here to access the 2017 Senior Video