Admission, Release, Withdrawal
These are the basic requirements for admission to district schools:

1. The student must live in the district with a parent or legal guardian, or one of the student’s parents must live in the district, even if the student does not live with that parent.

  • To be eligible for admission based on just the parent’s residence in the district, the court that issued a final order in a divorce proceeding must have designated that parent as a managing or possessory conservator for the child.
  • The parent enrolling a student based on only the parent’s residence in the district must provide a copy of a current final order, signed by the judge and showing a file stamp from the court, designating the parent as a managing or posessory conservator.

2. The student is under age 18 and lives in the district with an adult resident of the district who has accepted a Power of Attorney from the child’s parent or legal guardian. The school district has Power of Attorney forms to be completed by both the parent and the person with whom the student lives.

3. Students under the age of 18 must be enrolled by a parent, legal guardian, or adult resident who has a valid Power of Attorney for the student. Students who are 18 or older, who are legally married, or who have ever been legally married, and who have not graduated from high school can enroll themselves.

4. The adult enrolling the student must present current immunization records or make arrangements to begin immunizations as soon as possible.

5. No later than 30 days after a student has been enrolled, the adult enrolling the student must provide a copy of a birth certificate or other acceptable identification for the child and copies of the education records from the school the child last attended.

6. We do not admit underage students to school. Your child must be 5 years old on or before September 1 of the current school year to be admitted to kindergarten. To be admitted to first grade, your child must be 6 years old on or before September 1 of the current year, or must have completed kindergarten, or have been enrolled in first grade in the public schools of another state, or have passed the kindergarten acceleration test.

7. We do not admit overage students to school. However, a student who is 21 or younger and who has completed a GED program, but has not graduated from any high school, may be admitted.

The application for admission and enrollment forms are official government records, and it is a crime to provide false information of any kind or false records for identification. School officials can ask parents or another adult enrolling a student to provide some evidence that they are bona fide residents of the school district.

If school officials have reason to question the legitimacy of a child’s residency information, they can investigate to determine the student’s actual place of residence. If the district finds that a student is not really a district resident, the student will be withdrawn, and school officials will take the necessary legal steps to recover the maximum tuition fee the school district can charge or the amount the board of trustees budgets as an expense per student.



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