McGill Procedures

1. Listen carefully to instructions and follow directions given by an adult.
2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
3. Respect others; no swearing, rude gestures, put downs, or disruptive, behavior.
4. Walk in lines silently.
5. Have supplies and be prepared for classes daily.

Playground Procedures

1. Follow all class rules.
2. Students may play with balls, jump ropes, etc. as long as exemplary citizenship and sportsmanship is evident.
3. No throwing of stones or any other objects at or toward anyone else.
4. No walking on slides; no going backwards down slides; no more than one person at a time on a slide incline.
5. Swings: One person per swing; Must be sitting; No twisting; No pushing; Stay at least 10 feet away from all swing sets; Swingers must swing in the same direction.
6. No jumping off of any equipment.

Cafeteria Procedures

Follow all class rules and:

1. Talk quietly.
2. Have napkin, straw, and utensils.
3. Always walk.
4. Never share food or take food out of cafeteria.
5. Keep tray for at least 15 minutes.
6. Stay in seat, raise hand for permission.

District Student Code of Conduct

Click here to view the District Student Code of Conduct.



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