July 2, 2020

News From The Nurse

Eligibility Policy Changes for Texas Vaccines for Children Administered by the Health Department

 The Texas Department of State Health Services has developed policy changes to the TVFC (Texas Vaccine for Children) Program in response to reductions in state and federal immunization funds, increased federal accountability for publicly-funded vaccines, as well as increases in prices for some vaccines.

 The following changes to TVFC patient eligibility are effective beginning January 1, 2012.

 1. Children who have private insurance that covers vaccines will no longer be eligible to receive TVFC vaccines in public health department clinics, but instead will be referred to their medical home for immunization services.  In some cases, local health departments may serve as the medical home that provides healthcare services.  In those cases, private insurance is accepted.

 2. Insured children with vaccine coverage who have high co-pays or deductibles are no longer considered underinsured and are therefore no longer eligible to receive TVFC vaccines.  However, children that qualify under the new definition of underinsured will continue to be eligible to receive vaccines in any TVFC-enrolled provider office.

 3. Children, birth through 18 years of age, who meet at least one of the following criteria, are eligible to receive TVFC from any TVFC-enrolled provider:

 · Medicaid eligible:  A child who is eligible for the Medicaid program