August 19, 2018

Instructional Aides

Velia Soto

Alfredo Pizana

Jennifer Moore

Elizabeth Montez

Emerald Pando

Manuela Alanis

Janelle Fant

Sierra Anderson



Custodial Staff 

 Lead Custodian 

 Mr. George

Mr. Pete

 Our school couldn't function without the skill of our custodians. They help keep our school clean, happy, and healthy!!




 Manager of the Bulldog Cafe

Lorrie Coca-Smith


A brand new leader of our wonderful cafeteria team. They do a wonderful job of preparing two very important meals  for our students each day. All of our meals are delicious and nutritous thanks to our wonderful cafeteria staff.

Cafeteria Staff

 Mary Varela

Victor Brown

Jamie Bellemarrie

Erika Foster