October 20, 2017

Campus Policies

Cell Phones and Other Electronics/Innappropriate Use of Technology
(taken from 2010-2011 Student Parent Handbook, p. 12)

Cellular Phones and Paging Devices
The District permits the restricted use of cell phones and/or paging devices on
school campus during the regularly scheduled school day.
Students may not use, display, or have in operational mode a paging device, cellular telephone,
an IPOD or any other telecommunications device without prior permission from school personnel at
school during the school day or at a school related or school sponsored event.

The District will not be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen telecommunications devices.
All devices must be in the off position, during the regular school day.
The use of cellular telephones in locker rooms or restroom areas at any time while at school or at a
school-related or school-sponsored event is strictly prohibited.
Any device that rings, beeps, vibrates, or otherwise indicates the receiving of a signal during the regularly
scheduled school day shall be confiscated.
Students who violate the restricted use and possession stipulations shall be subject to the following
measures related to the confiscation of the device. District employees shall confiscate any paging
devices or cell phones found on school campuses during the school day that are being used or
possessed in violation of Board policy. They shall be held in the school office until the end of the school
day. A $15.00 administrative fee will be assessed for the return of the device.
There will be no further disciplinary consequence, unless, there were additional Code of Conduct
offenses committed. An example of such offenses might include cheating, disruption of class, failure to
follow a directive or possession or use of a cell phone during any State assessment.
Any device that has not been claimed by the legal guardian on or prior to the end of 45 calendar
days after confiscation may be claimed by the vendor. The vendor shall present documentation of
ownership and shall be assessed a $15 administrative fee prior to the return of the devices. Any
devices in the possession of the District 60 calendar days after confiscation shall be considered
property of the District and may be disposed of according to current state law.

Other Electronic Devices
Students are not permitted to possess such items as radios, CD players, MP3 players, video or audio
recorders, DVD players, cameras, games, or other electronic devices at school, unless prior permission
has been obtained from the principal. Without such permission, teachers will collect the items and turn
them in to the principal’s office. The principal will determine whether to return items to students at the
end of the day or to contact parents to pick up the items.
Any disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. The district will not be
responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen electronic device.

Inappropriate use of Technology
Students are prohibited from sending or posting electronic messages that are abusive, obscene,
sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation or illegal. This prohibition will
Students are prohibited from taking, disseminating, transferring, or sharing obscene, sexually oriented,
lewd, or otherwise illegal voice recording, videos, images or photographs and will be disciplined
according to the Student Code of Conduct and may, in certain circumstance, be reported to law

Students are prohibited from making or participating in any way in the making of a recording in any
Media (digital, video, audio) of an actual or simulated act that is not a school project, an authorized
school activity, or not approved by appropriate school personnel, and involves conduct prohibited by any
other provision of the Student Code of Conduct. If the recording is transmitted to or played on or through
the internet, or is transmitted to any other electronic or digital device that permits subsequent transmittal
to or playing on any other type of electronic or digital device, students will be disciplined according to the
Student Code of Conduct. The provision of the Student Code of Conduct is violated even if all the
participants in the recording agree to being recorded.
Students are prohibited from possessing, transmitting, posting or otherwise displaying any video,
recording or photograph that (a) results in a substantial disruption to the educational environment, or; (b)
substantially invades the privacy of others, or; (c) could be considered obscene, lewd, or sexually
oriented; or (d) is damaging to another’s reputation.