June 25, 2019

Grading Policies

(taken from the SAISD Student/Teacher Handbook 2017-2018 p. 19)

Dress and Grooming Code
San Angelo ISD has a dress and grooming policy in order to help create a more effective climate for
learning, to improve safety and security, to help engender school pride and unity, and to help
decrease gang-related problems. We expect students to come to school in clothes that are clean
and neat, and we expect students to exhibit basic cleanliness and grooming that will not be a health
or safety threat to themselves or to other students or staff. While we respect students’ desire to
express themselves in their clothing and grooming styles, we do not permit students to wear
clothing with pictures, emblems, or writing that is lewd, offensive, vulgar, or obscene or that
advertises or depicts tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other substance that
students are prohibited from having or using at school. The principal makes decisions about dress
and grooming violations.
If your child comes to school wearing clothes that violate the dress code or in any other way
violates our dress and grooming standards, she or he will be placed in “In School Suspension” until
she or he is in compliance. We will make efforts to notify you as soon as possible, and if the student
changes clothes or otherwise comes into compliance with the dress and grooming standards, she
or he will return to regular classes immediately. Individual campuses may impose additional
procedures in handling the compliance with dress code.

Middle School Dress Code
1. All shirts/blouses/dresses will be at least three fingers wide on the shoulder. Low-cut,
suggestive, see-through, or revealing clothing, including bare midriffs, are not acceptable.
2. Shirts/Blouses/Sweaters/Sweatshirts will be sized appropriately.
3. Shirts and Blouses must be tucked in unless they are shorter in length than the student’s
extended fingertips
4. Pants/Shorts/Skorts may not be more than one waist size larger than the actual waist size of
the student.
5. Shorts/Skirts/Skort/dresses will be no shorter than extended fingertips.

6. No spaghetti straps, tank tops or visible under clothing will be permitted. Low-cut suggestive, see-through, or revealingclothing is not acceptable.
7. Sagging is not allowed. Pants must be worn no lower than the point of the hip.
8. No pajama bottoms are to be worn.
9. Appropriate shoes/boots are to be worn at all times. No house slippers may be worn.
10. Skintight attire is not acceptable. This includes bike shorts and spandex.
11. Students may not wear unusual costumes that attract attention and detract from the learning
atmosphere. This includes unusual hairstyles or hair coloring.
12. Clothing with vulgar or indecent slogans, pictures that show violence or drug-related
characters, or alcoholic beverage or tobacco advertisements will not be permitted
13. Any attire related to negative group behavior (gangs, etc.) will not be permitted.
14. Sunglasses may not be worn in the building.
15. Chains are not allowed.
16. All forms of headgear (hats, caps, headbands, bandanas, etc.) are not acceptable. Such
items will be confiscated. Students may keep a cap in their athletic/Band/PE locker for sun
protection during outside activities.
17. Visible body piercing shall be limited to ear piercing, nose & tongue studs. All other visible
piercings, including retainers, are prohibited.
18. Overalls must fit and be fastened appropriately.
19. Students’ hair will be clean and well groomed at all times and shall not obstruct vision.
20. Any other attire or grooming that is perceived by the administration, as being detrimental to
the education process will not be allowed.
21. Tattoos that are allowed to be visible will be at the discretion of the campus administrator.
Tattoos that are considered to be gang related, vulgar or offensive will not be permitted to be
22. Holes and/or shredding on jeans, pants etc. are not permitted above the skirts or shorts length

The principal shall determine if any item, not covered by this dress code, is disruptive to the
learning environment or creates a safety concern. It shall be dealt with on an individual