June 25, 2019

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Jordan Burrell Library Website Stephanie Wiemers-BMT 6th-8th
Elizabeth Brooks Loraine Shepard Stacy Webb - Librarian
Kathleen Brown - Support Specialist Debbie Rodriguez- My Path Lab 8th Grade ISS-In School Suspension
Ariele Urps Eloisa Griffin - ESL Support Specialist

Lincoln is grateful to have such wonderful Para-Professionals helping our campus, kids, and community. Thank you for all you do for our Braves and Maidens family.

Cindy Bowen

Lawrence Cheeks

Jacky Gilbert

Priscilla Guzman 

Adna Perez

Loranie Shepherd

Eva Siller

Bob Swink

Steven Vick

Mandy Villerreal

SSA Paraprofessionals: 

Kathlene Brown

John Herron 

Christy Julius

Chad Pruitt

Amanda Gutz-Everheart

Lupe Galindo

Pam Krumweide