May 28, 2020

Support Staff

Elizabeth Currie - Cafeteria Manager

Sonny Colmenero - Custodian

Donald Hernandez - Instructional Aide (SAC)

Janie Maldonado - Instructional Aide 

Jeanelle Montez - Instructional Aide

My name is Jeanelle Montez.  I am the privileged mother of three grown children.  Tisha, my oldest, works with special needs students for the NYISD and is attending school for law.  She is happily married to my wonderful son in law Dave Pacheco.  They have made me a grandma to two amazing grand puppies.  Brian is my middle son and lives here.  He has a heart of gold and is always willing to give the coat off his back for other.  Jon is the youngest of all three and lives in Austin.  He has the heart and mind of an artist.  He is also pursuing an art and English degree.  I have always said that Tisha has the organization in me, Brian has the heart for people in me, and Jon has the creativity within me.  I am truly blessed. Life has not always been easy for me, but I am a survivor! I love kids that the world has deemed inadequate and without hope. I love to inspire and lesson others burdens, but above all, I know my time on this earth is short and I just want to make an impact that will remain way longer that I ever thought of.  I also enjoy horseback riding, volleyball, and mission work.  I stay very busy with college, and managing at night at Schlotsky's.  Dancing in the rain and just living to the fullest are two of my favorite things to do.  Although Texas does not have much rain, I improvise and run through the sprinklers at ASU when necessary. I love Big Red and cooking homemade tortillas.  If you ever need a meal, I am just a phone call away.

Minerva Ortiz - Instructional Aide (SAC)

Roseanne Reyes - Instructional Aide

Laura Torres - Instructional Aide 

Janet Schwerdtfeger - Instructional Aide