May 27, 2018

Lincoln Middle School

 Parental Involvement Policy

P.L. 107-110, Section 1118 (a) (2) The district shall develop jointly with, agree on with, and distribute to parents of participant children a written parent involvement policy …

P.L. 107-110, Section 1118 (b) (1)Each school served under Title I, Part A shall jointly develop with, and distribute to, parents of participating children a written parental involvement policy, agreed upon by such parents, that shall describe the means for carrying out the (parental involvement) requirements….



Lincoln Middle School believes every child should have the opportunity to attain his/her full potential.  Therefore, Lincoln Middle School will maximize its resources to enable each child to become a successful learner.  A key resource is its people:  administrators, teachers, school staff, parents, and community members.  We will work together to establish effective partnerships.  School and home must work together to realize higher student achievement.  Ongoing, two-way, meaningful communication will occur to facilitate mutual understanding and to stimulate student success.

Lincoln Middle School will provide all parents the grade level goals for their students.  Lincoln Middle School will also publish the STAAR testing schedule and assessment goals.  Those students that need extra assistance will have access to programs that will help them reach these goals.

Lincoln Middle School will make every effort to include parents in the development, evaluation, and revision of the Title I Program and the Parent Involvement Policy.  The school-parent compact will describe the responsibilities of key stakeholders and useful channels of communication.  The goal of our parental involvement program is student success.


Developing the Policy and Involving Parents in the Schoolwide Plan

An advisory committee will be formed consisting of a minimum or 2 parents, 1 community member, 2 teachers and or staff, and 2 principals or administrators to develop and revise the Lincoln Middle School Parent Involvement Policy.  The parent volunteers will represent the diversity of the student population, and one or more parents on the advisory committee will have children participating in a Title I program.  The advisory committee will convene at a time and place convenient to all its members.

Additionally, Lincoln Middle School understands that the parental involvement policy is a part of the larger district and campus improvement plans.  The advisory committee will also provide input regarding the development and revision of the district and/or campus improvement plan.


Building Capacity Lincoln Middle School values the partnership of parents in their children's education.  There are many ways parents can make significant contributions to student success both at home and by volunteering at the school.  Student achievement is the result of effective home-school-community partnerships.  (PTO sponsored parent information meeting, Open House, News Letter, Awards Assembly, Pow Wow, Webpage, ISS intake meetings, Title I Compact Letter, Parent-Teacher Conferences)


  Annual Meeting

Lincoln Middle School will hold an annual meeting during the first six weeks of the new school year for all parents.  At that meeting, the Title I program will be described, the Parental Involvement Policy will be distributed and reviewed, and opportunities for parental participation will be explained.  Parent volunteers will be recruited to serve on the district or campus Advisory Committee.

The annual meeting will be held twice for the convenience of parents and translators will be present at each meeting.  Parents will be informed about the meeting by a notice that will be sent home with students.

Since the goal of Lincoln Middle School is student success, the expectations for school performance, individual student assessments, and grade level curriculum will be provided in a format parents can understand. 

Parents will be advised that the effectiveness of the Parental Involvement Program will be evaluated annually, and the policy will be revised to meet the needs of the students, school, parents, and community.


Parent School Compacts

  The compact will identify the responsibilities of the staff to provide high-level curriculum and instruction, and the expectations of the parents to provide support in their children's learning.  The compact will address the best ways to maintain positive, timely communication between school and home.  The compacts will be available to all parents and families on the school website.



Lincoln Middle School will work with its Title I Advisory Committee to evaluate the effectiveness of the Parental Involvement Program.  Surveys, classroom observation, assessment data, and other resources will be used to determine the needs and develop revised strategies for student success.  Parental input will be sought.  Revisions to the Title I Program and the Parental Involvement Policy will be developed and agreed upon with parent input and will be communicated to the parents in the district.


Concluding Statement

Lincoln Middle School is committed to the success of students.  We will work together with parents to monitor the effectiveness of our Parental Involvement and Title I Programs and to provide excellence in education.  This policy will be promoted by the school board, administrators, principals, and other school staff as we seek active participation by our parents.



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