August 8, 2020

  Glenn Middle School PTA


A little volunteering goes a long way. Volunteering is a great way for parents to connect with your child's school as well as other parents. If you are a first-time volunteer at Glenn Middle School, just one or two hours during the school year can make a dramatic difference in your children’s academic success.  Here’s how you can help.


Book Fair

Event volunteer

Donate items to school

Teacher/Staff Appreciation


Chair/Committee Member


All San Angelo ISD volunteers must complete a volunteer application (VIPS) each year after July 1 to be considered for volunteer opportunities such as working in classrooms or attending field trips.  See Volunteer Application section on the SAISD website. 




How do I join the Glenn Middle School PTA?


You can contact the Board President and fill out a membership form and pay the $10.00 or $20.00


Is it too late to join the PTA?


It is never too late to join the PTA.  Just write down your name, your child’s name and grade and a check made out to Glenn PTA and drop in the PTA mailbox in the front office.


 What cost do the membership dues cover?


The membership dues cover our costs to State and National PTA. Any leftover money will go toward meeting our yearly budget.  Our membership drive is not a fundraiser rather it is our drive for members.  The more members we have, the louder our voice as we fight for our children. 


How do I contact a PTA officer or Committee Chair?


Check the PTA Directory Page on the school website.  Then contact a Board Member or Committee Chair member and email the appropriate person asking for whatever information you need.


How is the PTA organized?


The PTA is headed by an executive committee:  President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

 Go to the PTA Board Members page for a complete list. The PTA also is comprised of various committees that organize and carry out the PTA’s events and programs. Each committee has a chairperson, and any number of members; in addition, the committee may recruit volunteers for particular programs and events from general PTA membership. Any PTA member who wishes to become directly involved in PTA work can feel free to contact the committee chairperson for any committee.