June 6, 2020

A message from the Counselor!

My name is Nicholas Hill and I am the K-5 guidance counselor. I am excited to be a Lamar Lion. I am sure many of you often wonder what exactly a school counselor does and just why your child would need or want to come see me. Just to give a few examples....

What do school counselors do?

*work with individuals & groups   *provide preventative services

*help identify needs of students   *encourage better behavior

*help students communicate *provide social skills

*teach responsibility   *give tests to children

Why would I want to visit a Counselor?

"My best friend is talking about me and it's making me sad."

"I am new to this school and I am really scared."

"My parents are getting a divorce and I don't understand."

"I just want to talk to someone."


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 325-947-3900 or Nicholas.Hill.@saisd.org.

Have a great year!

Nicholas Hill