August 8, 2020

San Angelo Independent School District
Mission Statement

The mission of the San Angelo Independent School District is to provide each student with a meaningful, challenging education, delivered in a safe learning environment that prepares him or her to graduate from high school and be a capable, productive, and contributing citizen.


We believe that:

  • Students should be the primary focus of all decisions.
  • High student achievement is a top priority.
  • All students can learn through a variety of instuctional methods that methods that meet their individual needs.
  • Schools must be safe places to learn.
  • People should be held responsible for their actions.
  • All students deserve quality schools and a quality education.
  • Useful, appropriate technology is an important tool to deliver high quality education.
  • All people have a right to be treated with respect.
  • SAISD should be guided by long-range plans designed to meet the vision, mission, and goals of the district.
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are important to the development of a well-rounded student.



  • Student achievement at the highest levels.
  • Fiscal responsibility that allows us to fulfill the vision, mission, beliefs, and goals of the district.
  • Improved communication between the district and all stakeholders.
  • A facilities plan that will meet the current and future needs of the district.
  • A safe and secure environment.