SAISD Dress Code

(Including McGill's Enhancements)


*Items printed in BOLD are McGill's enhancements to the District dress code policy.

Good grooming and proper dress are essential in establishing an appropriate, safe school environment for learning.  Clothing should be clean, neat, and comfortable.  The following are guidelines that should be observed in elementary school:

1.  Hats may be worn for outside activities.  Baseball caps are permitted; however, they do not provide
adequate protection for head, neck, and ears.  A wide-brimmed hat would offer better protection from the
sun's rays.

2. No oversized clothing .  This will include pants and shirts.  Pants should fit properly in length and at the
waist.  Long shirts must be tucked in.  Sagging is not allowed.  All pants/shorts/skirt/skort pockets must
be visible; if not, then shirt/blouse must be tucked in.  Pant legs that drag the ground will not be

3.  Shorts may be worn, but a desired degree of modesty must be maintained.  Shorts must be at fingertip
length for boys and girls.  This includes shorts, dresses, and skorts.

4.  Vulgar, suggestive, profane, or violence-oriented slogans or pictures on clothing will not be permitted.
Included are shirts that exhibit violent messages from wrestling figures. 

5.  Clothing that promotes products or activities inappropriate for children such as alcohol- or tobacco-related
advertisements may not be worn.

6.   Bare midriff-style and/or tank tops are not allowed.  A test is to raise both arms high and no skin is

7.   Shoes must be appropriate for P.E. and recess.  Students' shoes must have an enclosed heel or a strap
around the heel.

8.  Any other attire or grooming that is perceived by the administration as being detrimental to the education
process will not be allowed.

9.  Earrings may be worn on the ear only.  No body piercing will be permitted.  This includes tongue, nose,
navel, eyebrows, lips, etc. Piercing retainers are now allowed.  Earrings must be stud or very small and
close to the ear for safety reasons.

Any item of clothing that calls attention to itself, distracts others, or that the principal deems inappropriate will not be permitted.  The principal shall determine if any item not covered by this dress code is disruptive to the learning environment or creates a safety concern.  It shall be dealt with on an individual basis. 


Dress code violations may result in sanctions addressed in the current Student Code of Conduct booklet.