October 16, 2018


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pdf File CASE_Reporting_Form_-_San_Jacinto_2016-17.pdf
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298.29 Kb 05/30/17 Title I
pdf File San_Jacinto_Elementary_CASE_Factor_1.pdf
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223.80 Kb 05/30/17 Title I
pdf File San_Jacinto_Elementary_CASE_Factor_2.pdf
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203.07 Kb 05/30/17 Title I
pdf File San_Jacinto_Elementary_CASE_Factor_3.pdf
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222.12 Kb 05/30/17 Title I
doc File San_Jacinto_Parent_Involvement_Policy_-_PIP_2016-17.doc
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32.00 Kb 05/30/17 Title I

San Jacinto loves parent volunteers! If you are not a volunteer in our school, please visit the SAISD website and fill out the information form to become a volunteer at San Jacinto.