Students with last name A-L

Students with last name M-Z

*504- Act as Campus 504 Designee.  Coordinate 504 meetings with 504 personnel from administrative levels.  Maintain 504 folders, distribute and account for student accommodations, and communicate 504 testing accommodations with testing coordinator.

*Church Mentors

*Technology Assessment

*8th into 9th Registration-Coordinate with Lakeview

*ELL- Act as Campus ESL Designee. Identify ESL students. Complete all paperwork, testing and meetings that are required. Monitor students by receiving 6 week grade reports from teachers. Organize ESL tutor schedule. Communicate ESL testing accommodations to testing coordinator. Attend ARD meetings for ESL Monitored Students. Organize TELPAS.

*DUKE Talent Search- Coordinate Duke University TIP Academic Talent Search (Fall)

*POW WOW- with 6th Grade Pre-Registration and attend student and parent meetings on feeder campuses (Spring). 

Please visit with your child's counselor for

 Student Schedule Changes

Home or School Crisis







 Individual Counseling


Counseling Team working together for your student

· Master Schedule-Spring/Summer

· Schedules-Spring/Summer

· Registration-Beg of School

· Schedule Changes-mass

· Make new student schedules and assist with registration process

· Coordinate Maturation Videos and presentations for 6th grade students.

· Explore Test- Coordinate Career/Interest inventory testing and Graduation Plans. Plan for, train and distribute Inventories. After results are in, distribute and explain results to students and parents.

· STAAR- Coordinate STAAR Testing, train teachers, and account for all testing materials. Communicate with Special Education personnel regarding testing accommodations for students.

Attend STAAR Trainings as required by the district and maintain all proper documentation.

· Spring Course Selections-6th into 7th, 7th into 8th- Organize and facilitate 6th and 7th Grade online pre-registration. (Spring)