September 16, 2019

JUNIORS are selected AFTER the Fall semester of their Junior year. 

Junior with a 96 weighted GPA will be invited to apply in the spring of their Junior year.

Below is the process for National Honor Society Membership at Central High School

beginning spring 2017 for the Senior Classes of 2018 and beyond. 


Selection Process: 

  • Students with a cumulative weighted GPA of 96 or higher at the end of the first semester of their junior year are candidates for membership in the CHS chapter of NHS. 
  • All student with a 96 GPA will receive a letter informing them of their candidacy and providing information about a meeting to explain the process and obtain applications.  
  • Students must attend one of the meetings and complete an application to be considered for NHS.  GPA alone does not guarantee selection.  Eligibility is then determined by the student's service, leadership, and character (the tenets of NHS and following the National NHS and CHS Bylaws and selection process) 
  • After attending one of the meetings, students must complete the NHS Candidate Form and submit it ON TIME to be considered for membership in NHS. 
  • The Faculty Council reviews each candidate's application using pre-determined criteria to maintain a consistent standard from year to year.  The Faculty Council then determines each student's selection into NHS.  The Principal approves the list of students chosen for membership. 
  • The decision of the Faculty Council is final. 
  • All students receive a letter informing them of the application status (selected for membership or not selected for membership). 
  • The students selected for membership are inducted into the NHS in April of each year and serve the school and community until graduation.